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The Snapper Shack Story

Neil Briscoe and Ailza Gilbert took over Haruru Falls takeaways in March 2020, just as COVID was beginning to grip the world and send hospitality businesses into uncertain territory. Being passionate about the business after having always dreamt of owning her own food store, Ailza was determined to make the business thrive despite the formidable challenge. She thanks her local customer base for their unfailing loyalty in helping Snapper Shack through the rough patches and back on track to expand!

Logan Gilbert, Ailza’s dad (known affectionately as the “Big Boss”) oversees the growing Snapper Shack franchises, business operations and even gets stuck in during the busy period in the store. The new Snapper Shack menu is brimming with recipes Big Boss Logan passed down to Ailza and Neil, making it a delicious fresh menu full of nostalgia and family values they love to share with their customers.

With sons of their own, Ailza and Neil relocated from Auckland to reconnect with family ties and to enjoy the lifestyle and focus on the Snapper Shack’s success. The previous owners solidified the takeaways popularity with its gourmet burgers, so it only made sense to add to the momentum by including gourmet fresh fish, seafood, tasty kiwi favourites and seasonal specialities.

Ailza, Neil and Logan want to instil the same quality and family-friendly atmosphere throughout all of their franchises as they continue to rapidly grow and reach more customers with a menu that is sure to create a family favourite takeaway night!

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