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The Haruru Falls Store

The Paihia fish and chips takeaway store that could!

Welcome to the Haruru Falls Store page! We are so happy that you’ve found us and can not wait for you to try our local and fresh fish and chip takeaways! We offer seasonal menus to keep things sustainable and exciting! We are located at 9 Yorke Road, Haruru; just a quick 5 minutes drive away from the busy Paihia town centre in a peaceful location with plentiful parking. When you want takeaways in Paihia that are so delicious, you’ll want to come every day; you want Snapper Shack!

We are open seven days a week from 12 pm to 8 pm. Bring your whanau and friends for a meal you won’t forget in a hurry! 


The Haruru Falls Store Story

What you might know about Snapper Shack in Haruru Falls: The food is delicious. 

What you might not know about Snapper Shack in Haruru Falls: They opened right before COVID hit New Zealand.

When you are in any kind of business, nothing sends terror into you like forced closure. Ailza Gilbert and Neil Briscoe took over the Paihia takeaways store in March 2020, and if you’ve got your memory caps on, you’ll recall that was right before the first government-mandated lockdown.


The team knows what you’re probably thinking…

What. What. THEY. Thinking?

Turns out, nobody can predict a worldwide pandemic, and the team at Snapper Shack were caught in the immediate ceasefire for all food businesses. After dreaming of opening her own food store for years, Ailza dug her heels in the sand and held the fort, determined to make Snapper Shack Haruru Falls succeed as the most popular Fish and Chips store in Paihia, regardless of Covid’s plans for destruction.  

After relocating to Haruru Falls before any of this happened, Ailza and Neil were so excited to be finally starting up their long-awaited business. Their children were reconnecting with family, friends and the area, and the family could really focus on making a new start and a success out of Snapper Shack, a reinvention of a popular Paihia fish and chips takeaway store. Passionate about creating great, family-friendly food and nurturing local community ties through their customers, Snapper Shack kicked off to a great start. Between providing family favourite meals passed down by Ailza’s dad, Logan (who, incidentally, oversees the growing Snapper Shack franchise and even works in the store sometimes), and making amazing customers and friends in the Paihia area, the beast that was Covid19 snuck into New Zealand. 

While you know the rest of that story – Ailza and Neil beat the odds that had taken out many hospitality venues and came out thriving thanks to their loyal local customer base enjoying the best of Paihia takeaways. Now you too can discover the great taste of Paihia through our fresh catches and delicious menus – in person, right here in Haruru Falls. 


Is it really fish and chips if it’s not in Paihia?

Where is Paihia?

Paihia is a beautiful, idyllic town on the North Island close to the Bay of Islands that is usually very popular with tourists, especially in summer. Paihia acts as the gateway to some of the most famous and sought after diving spots on the planet  – and incidentally is the home to some high-quality Paihia fish and chips shops. Haruru is just a little out of the main Paihia area, and being a sea-town, has access to the freshest ingredients and catches for the most delicious fish and chips in Paihia that you can get your hands on. When you think of Paihia takeaways, you think fresh. That is Snapper Shack at Haruru Falls’ goal to keep that straight out of the sea, seasonal and family-friendly menu a must-have when living in Paihia or just passing through to see the Waitangi grounds. Snapper Shack strives to always provide amazing local food customers will want for every dinner and make travellers rethink their travel routes to always make a food stop! We want folks to think “Snapper Shack” when they think “Paihia Takeaways” – every time!


About Haruru Falls

Approximately 5km out from Paihia, you can find Haruru Falls, a picturesque spot made up of a wide waterfall splashing down into a beautiful lagoon. It’s no wonder a whole town was built around to accommodate seeing it. The Haruru Falls waterfall is where the Waitangi River is at its strongest, pushing water over the small cliff and into the lagoon that feeds slowly into the Bay of Islands waterways. The area is famous with visitors thanks to the presence of the Waitangi treaty grounds, panoramic lawn and museum. Within walking distance, you can learn about the rich history between the Maori and British settlers. Haruru Falls plays a big part in this history, being one of the most used waterways by both Maori and missionaries, making it one of the waterfalls in New Zealand with the most documented history. 

Haruru literally means in Te Reo, “big noise”, because during the watery seasons, huge amounts of rainfall turn the waterways into raging rivers that obviously make a fair bit of sound when crashing down the waterfall. The sights and sounds of Haruru Falls have been bringing tonnes of tourists to the area for years, and the takeaways too! 

If you’re after tasty Paihia takeaways to wash your Haruru Falls adventures down with, our Snapper Shack best fish n chips store in Paihia has become a favourite with many – so stop in and say hi!


About our Haruru Falls Snapper Shack store

As part of the Snapper Shack franchise, the existing Haruru Falls, Paihia takeaways location was too good an opportunity to pass up! Walking distance from great tourist attractions like the Waitangi grounds and the Haruru falls themselves, Snapper Shack had found its new perfect spot to reach both travelling customers and locals. Logan Gilbert, the man behind managing the growing Snapper Shack franchise all over New Zealand, had spent years passing down family trade and recipe secrets to his daughter, Ailza. Some of the recipes served at the Haruru Falls store go back years and years, family favourites that are sure to become staples for a takeaway night for families all over Haruru and Paihia! 


Our Food 

Because our menu has been passed down through generations, we have found the perfect lineup of must-have favourites delivered straight from the sea to your plate. Our yummy offerings include fresh snapper dishes, popular mussel fritters, famous gourmet burgers, fresh fish, raw fish salads, smoked fish pate along with our super popular, healthy snapper wrap as well as northland scallops and oysters – all straight out of the sea! 

Our seasonal menu keeps things fun, sustainable and exciting for our customers. We only supply locally sourced fish for the tastiest takeaways in Paihia! 

We put importance on only using the freshest ingredients in all of our dishes because we know as well as anyone what fresh actually tastes like and know when it isn’t! We believe in supplying our local and visitor customers with delicious and takeaway food for the whole family – and we want our customers to keep coming back!


Fun Facts For the Kids

(so fun, we wish we could print them on our wrapping)

Fish and Chips were first served in around 1860

Yep! That’s over 160 years ago! Though its origins are highly contested by different sources and cultures, the listed creator of Fish and Chips was a Jewish man, Joseph Malin, who set up the first documented Fish and Chip shop in London in 1860. Although, another man in Britain opened up a fish and chip shop up North just 3 years later! Our Paihia fish and chips shop has a bit to go to catch up with 160 years, but we’re working on it! 


The largest documented serving of Fish and Chips weighed a whopping 47kg!

The huge portion was made by Fish and Chips London in Enfield in 2012 and was massive enough to make your eyes water. We are not sure who wanted to eat a 47kg serving of fish and chips, but we hope it was good. 

Around 450,000 tonnes of seafood (not including aquaculture) is harvested from New Zealand’s oceans every single year. 

That’s the equivalent weight of 450,000 black rhinos! 


New Zealand is basically all underwater.

Around 96% of New Zealand’s territory, as in the area that is considered ‘in New Zealand’, is underwater! That’s a lot of kiwi fish! We serve a bunch of those fresh kiwi fish in our fish and chip shop, right here in Paihia! 


Fish and Chips were served in newspaper wrapping by fish and chip shops

Most Kiwi adults will remember fondly the days of their fish and chips being wrapped in the news, but that has since been phased out by greaseproof paper instead. You won’t find our fish and chips wrapped in newspaper at this Paihia takeaways, but the nostalgia is missed by many!

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